Wizard Skills
Ice Ice Arrow
Icicle rain
Cold Blue Dragon
Ice Pillar
Ice Barrier
Bitter Cold Breath

Fire Fire Bomb
Fire Orb
Ocean Of Fire
Fire Dragon's Heart
Rain Of Fire
Red Fire Dragon
Death Dragon's Breath

Earth Fury Of Land
Hand Of Earth
Summon Rock
Land Giant's Fist
Pillar Of Abyss
Summon Meteors

Bless Mana Increase
Fire Resistance
Cold Resistance
Land Resistance

Ability Mana Recovery
Mana Increase
Deadly Magic Blow
Increase Health

Description Edit

Game Description:Strike the opponent three consecutive times with the land fist that emerged from the ground.
Actual Description: Several fists emerge from the ground to push your opponent away from you, causing a few hits.

General Information Edit

  • Causes slow-down
  • Knocks enemies who have been downed, up
  • No Element

Stage Usage Edit

Used in stages for pushing away hordes of on-coming enemies. Sometimes it is used in combination with meteor or fire bomb.

PvP Usage Edit

Used in PvP to continue combos off the wall, or similarly to ice pillar, to get enemies off the ground. It may also be used to go through a Sieg's Magic Defense.

Skill Table Edit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Shots Range
Dainn earth LandGiantFist Land Giant's Fist 1.17 second 0.31 second 30 seconds 3 12
Strike the opponent three consecutive times with the land fist that emerged from the ground.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 19 23 ~ 46 46
2 25 30 ~ 61 61
3 31 38 ~ 77 77
4 37 46 ~ 93 93
5 43 54 ~ 109 109
6 49 62 ~ 124 124
7 55 70 ~ 140 140
8 62 78 ~ 157 157

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