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Krieg El Harty
Profile Krieg
Age: 20
Height: 180cm
Class: Paladin
Currently unreleased in GLunia.


The most recent addition the Lunia family. Added December 2nd, 2007 to the Korean Lunia test server. Krieg El Harty is a double-hammer wielding tank. He can dish out major damage and can withstand it. Krieg can also heal himself and other which separates him from the strictly melee Tia and Sieg. Not much is known about Krieg right now. He is currently available in the Korean and Japanese versions of Lunia.

Background StoryEdit

His parents were murdered when he was 10 years old. He wants to be strong for revenge.

Class TypeEdit



Combos without skillsEdit

Krieg combos without skills

Combos with skillsEdit

Krieg combos with skills

See alsoEdit

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