Satanic Bard Skills
Agony Sound of Agony
Duet of Rage
Rhapsody of Blood
True Rhapsody of Blood
Ultimate Sound of Pain

Recovery Recitation of Showdown
Song of Recovery
Song of Hero
Phantom Fantasia
True Song of Hero

Darkness Seduction of Succubus
Lullaby of Lucifer
Orgel of Orcus
Sanguine Samsara
True Orgel of Orcus

Ability Mana Recovery
Increase Mana
Magical Critical
Increase Health

Mana Recovery is a skill available to players of the Satanic Bard class.


Game Description: Increases the mana regeneration speed.

Actual Description: Recovery mana per second based on skill level.

  • Rating: 3/5
  • Pros:
    • Recovers mana, saving you money on potions
  • Cons:
    • High skill point cost

General InformationEdit

Stage UsageEdit

PvP UsageEdit

Player OpinionEdit

At higher levels you will get gear that has set effects that recover mana. Although these effects will stack on top of this skill, it is better to keep the precious skill points for better skills. Also, because Kali has the ability to recover mana, this skill isn't required as much for her.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name
Arien mana recovery Mana Recovery
Increases the mana regeneration speed.
Skill Level Level Required MP Recovered
1 6 2/sec
2 13 3/sec
3 20 4/sec
4 27 5/sec
5 34 6/sec
6 41 7/sec
7 48 8/sec
8 55 9/sec
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