Satanic Bard Skills
Agony Sound of Agony
Duet of Rage
Rhapsody of Blood
True Rhapsody of Blood
Ultimate Sound of Pain

Recovery Recitation of Showdown
Song of Recovery
Song of Hero
Phantom Fantasia
True Song of Hero

Darkness Seduction of Succubus
Lullaby of Lucifer
Orgel of Orcus
Sanguine Samsara
True Orgel of Orcus

Ability Mana Recovery
Increase Mana
Magical Critical
Increase Health

Increase Mana is a skill available to players of the Satanic Bard class.


Game Description: Increases your maximum MP.

Actual Description: Increases your maximum MP. Gives +100 the first level and +80 every level thereafter.

  • Rating: 3/5
  • Pros:
    • Increases max MP
  • Cons:
    • Won't make much of a different at character level 65+

General InformationEdit

Stage UsageEdit

PvP UsageEdit

Player OpinionEdit

Early on this skill is good to have, however once you reach level 65+, you will have gear available that will boost your MP well above 2,000 and since you're unable to recover more than 1,400 MP at a time (skill or potion), having a massive amount of MP will only be useful at the start of the stage or unless you have a party with many Kali's.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name
Arien mana increase Increase Mana
Increases your maximum MP.
Skill Level Level Required MP Increased
1 23 +100 MP
2 28 +180 MP
3 33 +260 MP
4 38 +340 MP
5 43 +420 MP
6 48 +500 MP
7 53 +580 MP
8 58 +660 MP
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