Kali Eschenbach
Profile Bard
Age: 16
Height: 165cm
Class: Bard / Dark Bard / Satanic Bard
Currently released GLunia


Background StoryEdit

Kali does not like to use pleasantries. Her straightforward speech reflects her bold and confident nature. She is in fact a demon who has assumed the shape of a human. She tries to hide her origins but her actions and speech show hints of her care-free nature." She appears to be young, and quite hearty, she appears to be at least 16 years old, but no one knows her true age, as a demon.

Official info:
"A powerful beings whose exploits predate the Age of Pandemonium, she managed to blend in by carefully hiding her true nature. With her real power voluntarily sealed, she is currently enjoying a life as a human bard, wandering the world while subtly propagating the influence of Pandemonium in mortal realm. The tune she normally plays is pleasant enough, but the melody of Pandemonium starts to flow from her lute once she engages in combat; the horrible power of her battle music is such that no one has heard it and lived to tell about it."

Class TypeEdit

Main weapon: Lute

Class SummaryEdit

Specialized in : Moderate healing and damage, AoE attacks.

Pros of Kali:

  • Long ranged and piercing skills
  • Heal own and allies MP
  • Inflict Status such as sleep and stun

Cons of Kali:

  • Uses a lot of MP
  • Low defense/HP
  • Few attack skills
  • Difficult to heal your own HP


Satanic Bard Skills
Agony Sound of Agony
Duet of Rage
Rhapsody of Blood
True Rhapsody of Blood
Ultimate Sound of Pain

Recovery Recitation of Showdown
Song of Recovery
Song of Hero
Phantom Fantasia
True Song of Hero

Darkness Seduction of Succubus
Lullaby of Lucifer
Orgel of Orcus
Sanguine Samsara
True Orgel of Orcus

Ability Mana Recovery
Increase Mana
Magical Critical
Increase Health

She attacks with musical notes and heals mana.

Note: She does have one attack that transforms a character into a skeleton which heals a small amount of mana and health, The skill can be canceled by a character by pressing A, S, Space, and any skill.


Method #1Edit

In Lunia you must unlock Kali with quest:

  • NPC: Lynette (Character Quest)
  • Location: Square
  • Quest Name: New Profession - Bard of Darkness


  • Dark Shadow's Eye x 1
  • 1,000G


  • Kali Character Add Card (available for level 1+, untradeable item).

Method #2Edit

Or alternatively you can buy Kali at's cash shop for 89 GCoins ($10 rounded up) After that :

  1. Go into the game with one of your characters and press I to open your inventory.
  2. Now click on the cash item inventory and put the card into your item bag. Now simply right click the card to activate it.
  3. After that's done you can go to the character screen and make a Kali.



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