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Iron Hammer Edit

Description Edit

Game Description: Throw a lightning at the opponent after deliver a powerful blow. Actual Description: An upward stroke followed by the downward crash of lightning.

General Information Edit

  • The lightning will hit downed enemies several times
  • The damage is quite heavy, however the upward stroke is slow and leaves you vulnerable

Stage Usage Edit

It's really simple to use in stage because monsters are predictable and usually won't interrupt you if you're careful. It's safest to start the skill while the enemy isn't facing you or when it isn't toe-toe with you.

PvP Usage Edit

This skill can be chained from a regular AS combo, used as a follow up after stun, or a follow-up from Nado. Spamming this skill out of no where is quite reckless, however the animation is shorter than most of Sieg's other powerful attacks. The fact that this skill doesn't count as an air combo after stun bolsters it's already great offense.

Skill Table Edit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Sieg Strike Iron Hammer
Iron Hammer 2.13 Sec 1.16 Sec 300 Sec 28
Throw a lightning at the opponent after deliver a powerful blow.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 60 442~492 312
2 62 459~511 323
3 64 476~529 335

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