Iris Lyndall
Profile Iris
Age: 27
Height: 170 cm
Class: Flame Witch/Former Pirate
Currently relesead in GLunia


The fearless flame witch, Iris! She is a flame wielding character using a chain sword as her main weapon. Frightened by her own innate abilities, she relinquished her pirate position and devoted herself to helping others. But don't let her mislead you, when pushed into battle she is a force to be reckoned with.


Her skills combine the destructive power of fire and her long range chained blades into savage killing blows, ranging from deadly swipes with the blades around herself, to ground shaking impacts with the blades. Since she can also control fire (though according to her story she cannot control it yet), she also has skills which unleash destructive fireballs, and waves of burning energies.


Iris is free. [GLunia]



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