Below are listed all the various phrases and abbreviations one might see while playing the game, and what they mean.

For more terminology, see chat.



  • Aggro - A measure of how much a mob wants to attack you (i.e. damage causes aggro), or the condition of being targeted by a mob (having aggro)
  • Autostep - When a wizard cancels his usual AAA string after the second A with a dash diagonally back and turn back so he can do another AA.
  • AFK fishing - Fishing while afk, usually while the player is at school or just in free time. A personal hint, use low grade bait, you catch half as many fish at 1/10 the cost.


  • Backstab- A nickname for the Tia skill, "Suprise Attack", also referred to in short as BS or BullShit
  • BCB - Short for Bitter Cold Breath, a wizard skill.
  • B> - Buying/Buy
  • Buff - Skill that adds additional stats to a character temporarily
  • BGS - Big Gold Stars (From event)
  • Bonus - A level 65 set of stages. From this you can acquire the "Ancient elf hero's" equipment set.


  • Candy - Thunder Candy (Dacy skill)
  • Cat/Cats/Catas - Short for Catalysts, which are used in the fortification of items. Often used in chat: 'Buying Cats', 'S> 100 Cats for 2G', etc. May occasionally refer to Catapulters, an enemy found in Episode 3.
  • CB - Closed Beta
  • Cold/Coldies/Colds - Cold Jewel (used in light fortification)
  • CS - Cash Shop



  • Earthquake - Refer to Dainn's Fury of Land



  • GLunia - Global Lunia
  • Grade - A stat bonus/deduction, shown in orange, that is applied when a piece of equipment is graded at the Laboratory.
  • Geno/Genocides - Quests that require you to do a stage many times just to kill number amount of monsters to gain exp/items.
  • Glitch - To trap a monster in various ways so it is easier to beat (not a fault in the game and it is legal)


  • Halfstep - A maneuver that cancels a dash attack into a standing attack. For instance, if facing left ← ← → ← would be a halfstep.
  • Horde - The group of enemies that fight alongside a boss, also known as mob
  • ?-?H - History (Usually numbers in ? and then H. For example 5-10H)


  • IDK/idk - I don't know
  • Ijji - The company that currently owns Lunia, It's servers opened for it on October 7th 2008


  • JLunia - Japanese Lunia
  • J> - Join/Joining
  • JOL - Jewel Of Life (Item used by Eir to ressurect the dead)
  • JOG - Judgement Of God (Eir's ultimate level 60 skill)


  • KLunia - Korean Lunia
  • Kick - Expel someone from a party
  • Kirin - Giraffe (Black Forest Raid)


  • Lol - Can have a variation of lul, lulz, lol, LOLOLOLOL, or lawl. Stands for laughing out loud.
  • L?-?- L stands for "Legend". The ? refers to numbers that represents a stage. Example "L5-10" = Legend 5-10.
  • L Lir - Legendary Lir
  • LS - Light Shield or Lunia's Spirit
  • Lure - To distract a monster so that it attacks/chases the person that lures


  • MB - Moon Barrier (Eir Skill)
  • Melee - To attack only using A skill
  • Myth - A level 70 set of stages requiring at least one rebirth.


  • Nado - Tornado


  • OB - Open Beta




  • Raid - Any of the several side stages that require a key to enter the stage. The act of

doing and/or completing a raid.

  • Rb - Rebirth or rb'd rebirthed
  • Rotem - The boss of 1-10. Real name: Guardian of the Lost Temple
  • Run - The act of completing a stage.
  • Res - Ressurect/Revive a fallen character
  • R> - Recruit/Recruiting


Sidestep - When a Sieg slides to his left, can be continuous. Dash a+s (a and s are pressed at the same time)
Spammer - A person that spontanteously uses skills without effectiveness whatsoever.

  • SI - usually typed as /si (meaning stage invite then type name after)


  • TLunia - Taiwanese Lunia
  • TBT - Turn Back Time (Tia Skill)
  • Trans - Transform (Lime skill)
  • TFT - Twelvefoottall The company that hosted lunia prior to october of 2008



  • Voke - Provoke


Wabang - Lime's level 40 transforamtion. Short for "Cool Wabang Lime". Occasionally called 'Ulti'(*Ultimate).

Windmill - When a Sieg attacks and sidesteps to his right a split second after, can be continuous. Dash a space dash a space etc. ["Good Example of A Windmill"]

Windmill shift - When a Sieg "windmills" in a combo. AAS Kicking S Dash A Space Dash A Cross Cut...

  • w/e - whatever




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