1. Character’s level and PVP level.
2. Character’s name and number of life
3. Character’s HP
4. Character’s MP
5. Mini Map : Tabloid stage menu. The regions you have never been are indicated in dark.
6. Chatting Window (Shortcut key: Enter): Communicate with other Lunians through chatting window.
7. Quick Voice (Shortcut key: F): You can use quick voice in case you are too busy to communicate with other parties.
Using shortcut key, you can easily inform your situation through the voice of your character.
8. Quick Motion: Express various poses and emotions through the motion of your character.
9. Quick Magic ( Shortcut key: D): It helps you to use the magic (skill) very quick.
10. Guild: Guild menu for Lunians who joined the guild.
11. Lunia Messanger ( Shortcut key: N)
12. Quick Slots: Place your skills or items on the quick slot so that you can use it very quick.
13. Experience Point: Your current experience point is marked by a bar and number. You can always check the point left to the next level.
14. Enter the stage: Move to the stage selection page.
15. PvP mode Enter: Enter the PvP mode.
16. Change the square: Move to the other square.
17. Party list: Check current party list and Create/Join the party.
18. Character Information ( Shortcut key: C): Check information of your character.
19. Skill ( Shortcut key: M): A list of skill (magic).
20. Quest/Mission ( Shortcut key: L): Check information about the quest and mission.
21. Inventory ( Shortcut key: I): It shows applied items and collected items. Applied items are divided into common items
and cash items. If your inventory is full, you can also use the bank inventory to store your items.
22. Menu: Many other manus such as Character/Stage/Square selection, Censor check and Exit Game.

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