Fast EXPEdit

    • NOTE** This is no longer possible due to the removal of stage skips and the level requirements to enter a stage.

1. Buy next stage items (5 * 7.2g = 36g) at Accessory Shop
2. Your friend/friends must help you finish 1-10H, 2-10H, 3-10H, 4-10H and 5-10H
3. From now you can kill monsters at ep6H->Closed Mine

  • level up every 5 min (Lv 2x-3x)
  • level up every 10 min (Lv 4x-5x)

Recommended (at Closed Mine):

  • 4 players
  • 15-63 lvl
  • +50% EXP item from Cash Shop
  • Guild Lv 5-9: +4% EXP and +2% EXP items from Guild Shop (4 players from your guild in party = +6% EXP * 4 = +24% EXP)
  • Guild Lv 10: +10% EXP and +2% EXP items from Guild Shop (4 players from your guild in party = +12% EXP * 4 = +48% EXP)

Fast MoneyEdit

Method #1Edit

1. Buy key to Pirate King Roger's Grave at Accessory Shop (64g for 1 week)
2. Go to Ep4H->Skull Rock->Pirate King Roger's Grave
result: 40g per 1 hour

Stage Requirements of Pirate King Roger's Grave:

Method #2Edit

Sell boss boxes from 1-7B and 2-7B at Square 1, 2 & 3:

  • Boss boxes from 1-1B ~ 1-6B = 10~20g
  • Boss boxes from 2-1B ~ 2-5B = 15~20g
  • Boss boxes from 2-6B = 30~50g
  • Boss boxes from 1-7B and 2-7B = 100~200g

Note: No longer advised due to major monster hp boost. Equipment isn't worth it anymore either, so most people will not buy.

Party and EventEdit

Event can destroy your party (party members often leave current stage and go to event stage).
Create party only after event:

Also, if you are looking for a raid party, you can advertise during the event.

First LoadingEdit

Don't create party after logging in without loading into any stage.

1. Login and run game
2. Load any (or future party) stage
3. Back to Square
4. Create party

Party members sometimes leave if people take too long to load.

Note: You can invite players to the stage using the chat function.

Hiding Cash InventoryEdit

You can hide Fishing Rod, board (Victor's Symbol), Big Star Box's dresses and armors from cash shop

Cash hide

Big Gold Star's Box (10G -> 11S)Edit

Wanderer Shore has 2 quests with Gift Box of Star:

If you have more than 10 Big Gold Stars then send them to your other characters (via Mailbox, cost = 11S) instead paying 10G

  • 10 Big Gold Stars = 10G -> 11S (2 messages = 22S)
  • 100 Big Gold Stars = 100G -> 1G'10S (10 x 2 messages = 2G'20S)

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