Map - Hidden Elf Garden - Secret Areas

Hidden Elf Garden

Stage-Select Name: Hidden Elf Garden
Map Name: Hidden Elf Garden


  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Party Requirement: 1 player (~70 reagents), 2 players (~110 reagents), 3 players (~140 reagents), 4 players (~180 reagents)
  • Max Players: 4
  • Requirements: entering Mushroom area at Stage 1-10
  • Time to Complete: 10-15 mins
  • Quests: 2 Quests


In this map, you will find Giant Tree Spirits who need you to defeat the Contaminated Giant Mushroom of their area. After defeating the Mushroom and returning the Life Water, you can pick up various Reagents off the ground of the area you just cleansed. The type of Reagents that will be present is dependent on the time of day (real time) that you enter the area. There will also be new enemies to fight. After cleansing all 5 areas, you will fight a Boss Giant Mushroom.


There are 5 "Secret Areas". These secret areas contain herbs not related to the mission, so you can pick them up before entering the portal (after returning the water).

Unofficial RewardEdit

Text at start of map Hidden Elf Garden Time You will gather
The forest is full of spirit and energy of morning xx:00-xx:12 ~70 x Mountain Ginseng + 0~15 other herbs each
The forest is slowly covered by sunlight xx:12-xx:24 ~70 x Fire Plant + 0~15 other herbs each
Dusky force is started to hang xx:24-xx:36 ~70 x Arrowroot + 0~15 other herbs each
Forest is bathed in the moonlight xx:36-xx:48 ~70 x Huckleberry + 0~15 other herbs each
Morning due is dropping xx:48-xx:00 ~70 x Winter Flower + 0~15 other herbs each

  • 1 player = ~70 reagents
  • 2 players = ~110 reagents
  • 3 players = ~140 reagents
  • 4 players = ~180 reagents

If you need Black Pearls, Red Spider Ropes or Mandrakes then visit Hidden Elf Garden (Legend)



See alsoEdit - Official U.S. Eastern time zone

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