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Heaven's Justice
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Heaven's Justice is a skill available to players of the Archer class.

Video Edit


Game Description: Spirit of Fire flies up and burns all enemies on the ground.

Actual Description: Arien's Phoenix flies up and deals massive damage to all enemies within the circle.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Number of hits: 1
  • Pros:
    • Huge damage
    • Wide AoE
    • Skill still works even if canceled by enemy
    • Knocks enemies into the air
  • Cons:
    • Long cast time
    • Leaves Arien vulnerable
    • Long reuse
    • High MP cost

General InformationEdit

Stage UsageEdit

PvP UsageEdit

Player OpinionEdit

Because this skill leaves Arien vulnerable during casting, the best time to use it is when you are surrounded, or when the enemy is distracted.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range Shots
Arien heavens justice Heaven's Justice 1.83 Sec 0 Sec 150 Sec 70 1
Spirit of Fire flies up and burns all enemies on the ground.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 60 956~1063 266
2 62 989~1100 275
3 64 1032~1147 287
4 68 1107~1231 308
5 72 1174~1305 326
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