Profile Gaon
Age:  ?
Height:  ?
Class: Lancer
Currently available in GLunia


Many millennia ago, the dragon-kin ruled the world alongside the ancient gods. But, after a time of trouble, the gods disappeared from the world and the dragon named "Gaon" who embraced the "Power of Chaos" went into a deep slumber. Many years later, Nephron found a way to revive the ancient gods, and unknowingly awoken Gaon. When Gaon woke up, he was in his human form and realized that his capability of wielding lightning skills from the "Power of Chaos" disappeared. Due to his lost power, he was not able to revert back to his original form and, in hopes to regain his original power, begins a journey with Sieg and his party in the present day.



Gaon is free on ALL servers.



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