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Flying Dragon Sword is a skill available to players of the knight class.


Game Description: After using this skill, you become invincible while charging at the opponent and throwing the opponent in the air to deliver additional blow.

Actual Description: Sieg swiftly charges at the target causing an initial blow upon contact, he then immediately swings upwards and become airborne for an additional blow.

Colloquial names: FDS

Number of hits: 1-5


  • Skill can be used half a screen away
  • Upon contact with an enemy, charge ends and a blow is delivered, lifting target(if liftable)
  • Second hit is immediately delivered, hitting lifted target (can miss)
  • Dash cancelable (higher than level 1 unconfirmed)

General informationEdit

This is a useful skill for both staging and PvP. Can even work as an "escape" skill to quickly move out of a situation. One thing to note, however, is that this skill is an MP guzzler. You might consider the MP+ Ability if you want to max this skill.

Stage usageEdit

Generally, this skill isn't useful for staging, but it comes in handy against large enemies (such as bosses). For instance, against a slime, the initial hit will knock the slime airborne, but also further away because it's so light. Hence, the second, upward strike will not land. However, against a boss or large enemy that isn't knocked back, this skill can deliver 1 initial blow, and then 3-4 upward strikes. At high levels, this skill is then capable of delivering 1500 overall damage to a single enemy.

PvP usageEdit

This can be used as a PvP skill, but its use suffers due to how accurate one needs to be. It can be used as a finisher, but the timing must be precise, or else the initial charge will cause you to dash right under the enemy, resulting in a complete miss. It can, of course, just be used separately from a combo. This can be particularly handy against runners as it has a long, charging dash, and delivers a hit that will lift them and then possibly give them additional hits as your skill finishes. If you miss however, you are left quite vulnerable.

Player opinionEdit

Some people love this skill, and some people hate it. I believe that for a stager, this skill is incredibly useful even at level 1 (delivering a minimum of 375 damage to a large enemy such as a boss). At a higher level, it can be absolutely devastating. As a PvP skill, this skill becomes much less useful, but at least one point should be applied into this skill no matter what.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Icon skill Sieg blow DragonSword2 Flying Dragon Sword 1.7 Sec 0.4 Sec 30 Sec 25
After using this skill, you become invincible while charging at the opponent and throwing the opponent in the air to deliver additional blow.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 40 77~155 155
2 43 91~167 167
3 46 107~179 179
4 49 123~190 190
5 52 141~202 202
6 55 160~214 214
7 58 180~226 226
8 61 191~239 239
9 64 200~251 251
10 67 283~354 354
11 71 303~379 379
12 75 322~403 403

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