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Finishing Blow is a skill available to players of the knight class.


Game Description: Deliver an additional blow to the fallen opponent.

Actual Description: Sieg slashes across the ground with his sword.

Colloquial names: FB

  • Number of hits: 1
  • Properties:
    • Only targets things on the ground
    • Backdash cancelable
    • Unlike the regular down attack, it does not force the opponent to get up.

General informationEdit

The simplist and most common use for finishing blow is as a substitute for the down attack command. It is faster than down attack but it is not scaled to your damage score (that may make it weaker or stronger depending on how many points you have in it, as well as your equipment).

Stage usageEdit

Hitting a monster with Finishing Blow will make it stay down longer, giving enough time to use another down attack on it. You can also use Finishing Blow to move a monster away from a wall or in any direction while it's still on the ground in order to better position it for further attacks.

PvP usageEdit

Most opponents won't stay down long enough to take a down attack in most cases, but Finishing Blow is fast enough to hit those people who like to stay down for long periods of time. It can also be timed at the end of a combo in such a way that it cannot be avoided. A successful hit will also launch the opponent just barely off the ground, allowing you to catch them in a Wind Kick.

Player opinionEdit

Finishing blow is one of those skills... Whether you love it, or you hate it. Most stage/hybrid knights will skip this skill in favor of putting their precious skill points into other skills, but PvP knights might consider a few points here.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Icn skill sieg power underatk Finishing Blow 1.23 Sec 0.5 Sec 20 Sec 25
Deliver an additional blow to the fallen opponent.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 12 52~75 14
2 18 73~105 25
3 24 96~138 36
4 30 121~174 51
5 36 147~210 64
6 42 170~244 78
7 48 195~280 91
8 54 219~314 105
9 60 245~351 117

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