Event quests and event stages

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Event questsEdit

Open Event QuestsEdit

  • Period: Oct 7th 2008 - Nov 19th 2008

Event Quests ijji1

MOUNTAIN questEdit

1 killed boss (x-3 ~ x-10) = 1 letter (3-10H = 2 letters)

Icon Letter Stages Desciption Recommended
Letter M M x-3 & x-4 without Stage 2-3 Stage 1-4
Letter O O x-5 & x-6 - Stage 2-6
Letter U U x-7 - Stage 1-7
Letter N N x-8 you need 2 x N (MOUNTAIN) Stage 1-8
Letter T T Square only from Fishing -
Letter A A x-9 - Stage 2-9
Letter I I x-10 Stage 3-10 = 2 x I, Stage 1-10 with teleporter = 1 min Stage 1-10


  • 2 x Resurection Stone

Choose from (box):

Fishing questsEdit

See: fishing

Gold Star (quest)Edit

GoldStar 10 x Gold Star -> 1 box

Event stagesEdit

Ghost Hunter's ForestEdit

See: Ghost Hunter's Forest

Chocolate Valley (valentine stage)Edit

See: Chocolate Valley

Snowfight (PvP, winter stage)Edit

See: Snowfight

Snowfight 2 (PvP, winter stage)Edit

See: Snowfight 2

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