Map Name: Forest of Light


  • Difficulty: 10/10
  • Max players: 5
  • Party Requirement: ?
  • Time to Complete: 30min-1h
  • Plot Summary:
  • 5k str:10/10
  • 7k str:10/10
  • 10k str: 9/10
  • 15k str:7/10
  • 20k str: 5/10
  • Boss(Soldin) lvl: 1500
  • Sub-Boss lvls: 850/900
  • mob lvl:800-1000
  • Boxes:
  • SoL(Soul of Light):95%
  • Equippment box of Rob :5%
  • (Weapon:2100 str(2nd Weapon:2700 str))(Armor:1500 str) (Gloves:750 str) (Head:1000 str) (Legs:1200 str) (Foot:900 str)(Support:1100 str)Aprox. all equippment str (AS)=8.1k-10k(All +0)weapon 2 :8.8k-10k
  • All cold shining ,+15 and 3 maximum grades(str),and cold shining +15 Antares earrings,rings and necklacke=30k+ str



Monsters and DropsEdit

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