Lv450 Foriel
Myth2 boss Foriel
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: AoE & 3 other attacks
Foriel (God of Forest - Elves)

Stage-Select Name: Forest of Wind
Map Name: Forest of Wind


  • Difficulty:
    • 10/10 (1.5k STR party)
    • 9/10 (2k STR party)
    • 8/10 (2.5k STR party)
    • 7/10 (3k STR party)
  • Max players: 5
  • Party Requirement:
    • 4 DPS (2k+ STR)
    • 1 healer (Eir or Krieg)
  • Time to Complete: 8-15 min
  • Requirements:


Foriel (main boss)Edit

Always stay on left or right of Foriel (except if boss makes 5 waves)

M2 Foriel attack1

1 wave: stay on left or right of Foriel

M2 Foriel attack2

5 waves: stay behind Foriel

Foriel makes waves before he attacks:

  • 1 wave - stay on left or right of Foriel (3 types of attack)
  • 5 waves - stay behind Foriel (AoE attack)

Talman King (sub boss)Edit

Minotaur (sub boss)Edit


New monster in Myth 2 knows as "Griffon" can instantly kill you in 1 hit depending on how much Def and HP you have

Room of OrdealEdit

In Myth2 you will be sent to a room called "room of ordeal". When sent you must dodge large amounts of rocks. If you get hit by one you and your party will lose 1 life.


  • Foriel (main boss)
  • Talman King (sub Boss)
  • Minotaur (sub Boss)




Foriel boss:

Other bosses:

External LinksEdit

Room of Ordeal:



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