Lv350 Lunia
Boss Lunia
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: AoE & 3 other attacks
Lunia (Goddess of Moon - Humans)

Stage-Select Name: Forest of Moon
Map Name: Forest of Moon


  • Difficulty:
    • 10/10 (1k STR party)
    • 9/10 (1.5k STR party)
    • 7/10 (2k STR party)
    • 6/10 (2.5k STR party)
    • 4/10 (3k STR party)
    • piece of cake if more !
  • Max players: 5
  • Party Suggestion:
    • 4 DPS (1.5k+ STR)
    • 1 healer (Eir or Krieg)
  • Time to Complete: 7-15 min
  • Requirements:

Lv250 Mythical Unicorn-Lion
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks:  ?
Mythical Unicorn-Lion


The best way to clear Myth is having 4dps and 1healer. Even with 5dps it is possible but hard (for 1k~2k str party).

Lunia (main boss)Edit

Lunia boss - video

M1 Lunia attack1

Always stay behind Lunia boss

  • When fighting Lunia always stay behind her
  • Stick Close To Her behind, to avoid her damaging attacks
  • Dainn Tip: When Lunia is about to perform the light beams, Use your Bitter Cold Breath Skill to dodge.
  • Dacy Tip: Same as Dainn Tip, But you can choose from the variety of inv frame moves.
Lv250 Nergal
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks:  ?

Mythical Unicorn Lion (sub boss)Edit

Mythical Unicorn Lion - video

  • Use Ice Wall It Helps Trap The Boss
  • Try using a Sieg To Voke it To a spot And Just Play Dead. While Healer Constantly Heals the Sieg.

Nergal (sub boss)Edit

Mythical Unicorn Lion - video

  • Nergal has a fairly large "hammer rock". Keep distant from Him
  • Using Ice Wall Can Help Trap Him For The Time Being To Use range based attacks.


  • Lv350 Lunia
  • Lv250 Nergal
  • Lv250 Mythical Unicorn-Lion


  • Lv200 Low Grade Talman
    • Lv210 Intermediate Talman
      • Lv220 Highest Talman
  • Lv200 Low Grade Hippogriff
    • Lv210 Intermediate Hippogriff
      • Lv210 Highest Hippogriff
  • Lv200 Low Grade Horn Deer
    • Lv210 Intermediate Horn Deer
      • Lv210 Highest Horn Deer
  • Lv200 Low Grade Ancient Bone Tiger
    • Lv210 Intermediate Ancient Bone Tiger
      • Lv210 Highest Ancient Bone Tiger



Lunia boss:

Other bosses:

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