The princess of Lunia Kingdom. Eir has special skills inherent in her royal family, but she thinks her skills are inferior to her older sister 'Lir'. Dissatisfied with her destiny. Eir runs away from home and follows Dainn. She's elegant, but also very arrogant and self-centered. She is born with special skills to heal others, which is inherent in the royal family of Lunia. Along with healing magic skills, she's also learned a number of self-protection magic skills from the wizards of the Royal Wizard Guild.

Skills: Heal, Moon, Sacred, Bless, Ability

Weapon: Magic Wands


Head: Hair Bands
Body: Dresses
Hands: Gloves
Legs: Skirts
Feet: Dress Shoes
Support: Books


Necklaces, Rings, Earrings

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