Type: Episode Boss
Speed: Very Slow on Ground, Fast In Air
Attacks: Melee, Ranged.

Monster InformationEdit

Drake is the 2nd Episode Boss. He is a big dragon that breathe ice, and has reinforcements. He constantly takes to the air and drops explosives on you and throws you into the air by blowing miniature cyclones. He is considered a difficult boss knowing the fact that he is only level 20.


  • Icy Breath
  • Whirlwinds
  • Bombing Run
  • Claw
  • Chomp


1. Split the party so that the attackers go to the right, and kill the two ice spirits. Focus on drake afterward, while neglecting the 3rd and last Ice spirit. This is so that the Ice Spirits will respawn much later, giving you more time with Drake. This strategy is for slow damaging parties, to prevent the ice spirits from spawning mid/late game and own everybody.


  • Unique Box 2

Appears in StagesEdit

Stage 2-10 History ,

Stage 2-10 Legend

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