Knight Skills
Strike Cross Cut
Counter Attack
Iron Hammer
Destruction Fist
Finishing Blow
Sky Slashing

Sword Crescent Moon Sword
Hurricane Sword
Thunder Sound
Whirling Sword
Flash Fate
Whirlwind Wave

Charge Kicking
Wind Kick
Whirlpool Sword
Flying Dragon Sword
Infinity Meteor Sword

Bless Magic Defense
Rage Explosion
Protective Fortitude
Playing Dead

Ability Increase Health
Deadly Blow
Mana Recovery
Minimize the Damage
Increase Mana

Deadly Blow is a skill available to players of the Knight class.


General informationEdit

Stage usageEdit

PvP usageEdit

Player opinionEdit

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name
Deadly Blow Deadly Blow
Official info: Increases the chance of Deadly Blow.
Increases your chance to get a critical hit.
Skill Level Level Required Motion Percentage
1 9 2%
2 16 3%
3 23 5%
4 30 5%
5 37 7%
6 44 7%
7 51 9%
8 58 10%

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