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Dark Eir

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Yama, the ancient god of death and darkness, noticed the human leaders in their war against the god with great interest. He had heard from Nephron that these, humans were the creation of the goddess Lunia, and that they had come to this ancient age from the future and were using the power of their creator. Picking up this idea, Yama combined his own power with the soul of Eir in the abysses of darkness and created a new soul. Afterwards, he put this new soul in a magic bottle and gave it to Nephron, saying "even if we are defeated and sealed, this soul will command my dark creations and be the key that unseals us." Nephron returned to the present and poured this soul into a figurine he had created. He quietly said to himself, "Finally...the dark princess was born...muahaha..."

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Not yet released in KLunia. Not much is known about her

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