Nineteen-year-old Dainn is a promising young man in the Royal Wizard Guild of the Lunia Kingdom. He's also the favorite student of the master wizard 'Rigel' currently studying to become a guardian wizard for the kingdom. One day, Rigel senses the evil spirit engulfing the whole world, and orders Dainn to investigate it. A very talented and righteous sorcerer. Dainn wishes to protect the kingdom. He's learned many magic skills from the Royal Wizard Guild. He can combine the magic skills to create his own magic attack.

Skills: Ice, Fire, Earth, Bless, Ability

Weapon: Staves


Head: Hair Accessories
Body: Robes
Hands: Gloves
Legs: Pants
Feet: Shoes
Support: Cloaks


Necklaces, Rings, Earrings

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