Daily FishEdit

Level Carp Redeemed Award
Level 30+ 3 Brown Carp 1 Blue Bead, 2 Concentrated Restoration Potion
Level 40+ 3 Green Carp 1 Red Bead, 2 Concentrated Restoration Potion
Level 50+ 3 Blue Carp 1 Purple Bead, 2 Concentrated Restoration Potion
Level 60+ 3 Red Carp 1 Black Bead, 2 Concentrated Restoration Potion

Daily Big Gold Star BoxEdit

Daily RaidEdit

Quest Name Stage EXP Level
Daily Quest - Defeat the Guardian of Lost Temple Stage 1-10 (History) 20,000 Level 1+
Daily Quest - Defeat Drake Stage 2-10 (History) 50,000 Level 10+
Daily Quest - Yeti King in Yeti,s Cave Defeated Yeti Cave 138,024 Level 25+
Daily Quest - Dumuk in Pumpkin Soul Graveyard Defeated Pumpkin Soul Graveyard 434,513 Level 35+
Daily Quest - Psy in Cursed Ghost Village Defeated Cursed Ghost Village 626,855 Level 41+
Daily Quest - Kanhel in Kanhel's Ruins Defeated Kanhel's Ruins 421,971 Level 45+
Daily Quest - 3 Adaman Golems in Secret Base of Cobolt Defeated Secret Base of Cobolt 882,504 Level 50+
Daily Quest - Giraffe in Black Forest Defeated Black Forest 507,385 Level 50+
Daily Quest - 3 Seiren in the Sea of Soul Song Defeated Sea of Soul Song 1,681,483 Level 55+
Daily Quest - Efreet in Jahillyah Lower Level Defeated Jahillyah Lower Level 1,193,389 Level 55+
Daily Quest - Baphomet in the Center of Tumgalad Defeated Center of Tumgalad 1,655,391 Level 58+
Daily Quest - Hellios in Jahillyah Upper Level Defeated Jahillyah Upper Level 1,595,327 Level 58+
Daily Quest - Jack in Le Lua Secret Factory Defeated Le Lua Secret Factory 1,441,381 Level 61+
Daily Quest - Charlotte in Chalet Secret Research Lab Defeated Chalet Secret Research Lab 2,166,763 Level 66+

Daily/Weekly UpkeepEdit

Daily Key for Random BoxEdit

Daily Key at 2-1B & 2-5BEdit

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