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Dacy Dalstrin
Profile Dacy
Age: 9
Height: 114cm
Class: Puppeteer
Currently unreleased in GLunia.


Background StoryEdit

Official info:
"A playful elf. She longs to breath life into her favorite doll 'Jeronica' so she can play with it. But unlike other dolls, Jeronica is made of special materials and cannot be given life. That's why Dacy transformed herself into a human and descended to the Rodesia Continent to ask the Great Wiseman how to do it. She's a playful and curious little elf, but she's very stubborn and she doesn't care about anything but only the things she likes. She can talk to dolls and ask dolls to do her favors by breathing life into them, and the dolls protect Dacy."

Class TypeEdit

A puppeteer or "summoner". Dacy is suitable for players who enjoy the role of the strategist. She has the ability to summon various puppets to attack and defend on her behalf. Dacy's puppets are controlled via a menu that comes up once you summon one of her puppets. Each puppet has a variety of attacks that can be executed when you click a button on the Summon Menu. The puppets can also be controlled using the hotkeys. Dacy is currently available in Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Lunia.


Dacy's skills are mainly composed of summons and point-blank range attacks or knockback attacks. Some of her skills have invincibility frames that prevent her from taking any damage for a certain amount of time. While other skills may inflict certain curses such as freezing or 'lock-positioned'. Dacy's dolls can easily die when they are air comboed with a chain of 3 or higher.


Combos without skillsEdit

Dacy combos without skills

Combos with skillsEdit

Dacy combos with skills
you need to have g coin to have her

See alsoEdit

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