Dacy can summon many puppets although no more than two can be summoned at a time.

The Puppets Edit


The most well known of Dacy's puppets, Wari is a dog like puppet that attacks using magic that follows the opponent.

Catchvee A cat like puppet that has the ability to use a small AoE attack that causes damage and puts enemies to sleep. It's other attack is to roll up into a ball and launch itself at the opponent.

Pandono A panda puppet that when summoned will summon bamboo. The bamboo is level ten and will cause monsters to go after the bamaboo instead of dacy. Pandono is the main puppet used to glitch stages by making bosses get glitched by only attacking the bamboo and not the characters. This is mainly used in 4-10 and 5-10 H and L. The glitch in 5-10L/H is possibly the hardest glitch as even if it looks like the boss is glitched (Lir) once the players attack her she will turn around and attack.

Veni A bear puppet whose main attack is to make himself bigger to attack monsters.

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