Combos without skills (unofficial)Edit

  • A - A - S - Dash A S (pretty safe combo)
  • A - A - Dash A S (for enemies you can't lift off the ground)
  • A - A - (Poke A) A - A (more ideal for PVE)
  • A - A - (Poke A) A - S (if you need knockback, this is how you get it as a wiz)
  • A - A - (Poke A) - S - Dash A S (good amount of hits, fairly easy to do once you get it down)
  • A - A - (Poke A) A - Dash A S (right slash instead of lightning... tougher to do)

Other Combos without skills (official)Edit

Wizard-combos without skills

Combos with skills (official)Edit

Wizard-combos with skills

Combos from Practice Field (official)Edit

Combos Training Wizard

"Official" combos. It's actually possible to chain different sequences together to form combos not on this list.

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