Combos are a series of timed actions that can deal more damage, cause additional effects, and stun enemies longer than normal.


Basic combos use only the movement keys, Spacebar, and the A & S keys. Press F8 to bring up the Command List, a window that shows your available basic combos.

Skill combos are exactly as they sound. They combine basic actions with your skills for a more devastating result.

Any combo that launches an enemy into the air and continues to hit while still in midair is known as a Juggle Combo or Juggling.

Some combos require you to be at least a certain level before it is available.

List of combosEdit

Combos (Knight)Edit

Combos (Knight) - Sieg

Combos (Healer)Edit

Combos (Healer) - Eir

Combos (Wizard)Edit

Combos (Wizard) - Dainn

Combos (Thief)Edit

Combos (Thief) - Tia

Combos (Combat Slime)Edit

Combos (Combat Slime) - Lime

Combos (Puppeteer)Edit

Combos (Puppeteer) - Dacy

Combos (Ice Magician)Edit

Combos (Ice Magician) - Yuki

Combos (Paladin)Edit

Combos (Paladin) - Krieg

Combos (Archer)Edit

Combos (Archer) - Arien

Combos (Bounty Hunter)Edit

Combos (Bounty Hunter) - Ryan

Combos (Dark Bard)Edit

Combos (Dark Bard) - Kali

Combos (Asuka)Edit

Combos (Asuka)

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