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Wizard Skills
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Cold Blue Dragon
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Fire Dragon's Heart
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Red Fire Dragon
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Earth Fury Of Land
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Summon Meteors

Bless Mana Increase
Fire Resistance
Cold Resistance
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Ability Mana Recovery
Mana Increase
Deadly Magic Blow
Increase Health

Video Edit

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Summon a flying dragon in front of you. Everyone directly touched by the Blue Dragon receives damage and falls down instantly.

General informationEdit

This skill is mainly used in point-blank range for a variety of reasons :

  • Immobilization
  • Comboing
  • To Prevent Counterattacking
  • Inflicting excessive damage in a short amount of time
  • Inflicting superior damage to mobs or enemies that are packed together in PvE and PvP
  • Cancelling Skills
  • Mana usage is particularly low
  • Can be mastered efficiently without difficulty
  • Lifts enemy from the ground which allows other party members to plant mines or use tornados in PvP
  • Hits 3 times

Stage usageEdit

Generally, players use this skill in front of monsters or mobs in addition to other skills such as boulder (highly effective) or hands of earth + skill or fire bomb. Either way, this skill inflicts superior damage in a short amount of time and allows enough time of immobilization to escape from the enemies and lift the enemy into the air 3 times followed by a delay of falling down. Although, the usage of the skill is abused.

It is a high damaging skill that can consecutively hit the enemies up to 3 times, it has a narrow-range and should be chained with other skills.

PvP usageEdit

Usually, players at all levels use this skill as one of their main damaging skills or relative to combos which has the same usage as PvE, except is more advantageous in PvP.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Shots
Dainn ice ColdBlueDragon Cold Blue Dragon 1.33 second 0.31 second 30 seconds 1
Summon a flying dragon in front of you. Everyone directly touched by the Blue Dragon receives damage and falls down instantly.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 16 46 ~ 52 52
2 22 63 ~ 71 71
3 28 82 ~ 92 92
4 34 101 ~ 113 113
5 40 120 ~ 134 134
6 46 139 ~ 155 155
7 52 158 ~ 176 176
8 58 177 ~ 197 197
9 64 198 ~ 221 218


Cold Blue Dragon

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