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Blow is a skill available to players of the knight class.


Game Description: Strike your opponent with a sword, and the enemy will be stunned for a moment.

Actual Description: Sieg draws aside his sword and then charges forward to deliver a slash.

Colloquial names: (none)

  • Number of hits: 1
  • Properties:
    • Knocks down
    • Stuns
    • Has invincibility frames

General informationEdit

Blow has what may the the worst damage to mp ratio of any skill that a knight has, but people generally don't use this skill for damage, but for the stunning effect that it provides. Blow also has a few invincibility frames, meaning that it can be used to avoid attacks if you time it right.

Stage usageEdit

Blow can be used to stun some of the more annoying monsters to keep them from attacking the party and/or start a combo. The few invincibility frames can be used to avoid attacks. But otherwise, it really doesn't have all that much use in staging.

PvP usageEdit

Getting blow to connect in PvP will allow you to use your most powerful but high cast-time skills without fear of missing. Its fairly large range will allow you to hit from a good ways away. Some knights will make use of its invincibility frames to slice through attacks.

Player opinionEdit

Pure-stage knights might choose to skip this skill, but PvP and hybrid knights will certainly put one point into it, but no more.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range Blow 1.17 Sec 0.5 Sec 55 Sec 26
Strike the opponent with your sword, and the enemy will be stunned for a moment.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 7 11~19 19
2 14 19~32 32
3 21 28~47 47
4 28 37~62 62
5 35 46~77 77
6 42 55~93 93
7 49 64~108 108
8 56 75~125 125
9 63 85~142 142

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