Profile Asuka
Age: 16
Height: 165cm
Class: Dual Wielder / Swordswoman
Currently available in GLunia


Background Story

Official info:
"A pack of monsters raid the tranquil small village where Asuka spent her childhood. Lotar's band who were chasing the pack arrive to the village, but little too late. They manage to save Asuka but everyone else was slain. Asuka is raised by an associate of Lotar and she learned to live alone, and train in the ways of swords. Her resolve of not wanting to see another orphan leads Asuka to a road trial in order to better herself. Asuka carries a pair of swords about her waist, which are made of rare and luminous stone. Cold and decisive, Asuka is reserved and unfriendly before people, remorseless before monsters. Her lighting-fast swords leave nothing but faint traces and dead bodies."

Class Summary:Edit

Asuka has almost balanced mana and health ,Fast but uses alot of mana. Very little range attacks.

Class TypeEdit

  • Class type: Dual Wielder / Swordswoman / Dual-Wield
  • Main weapon: A pair of swords (katanas)


For a listing of Asuka's skills, refer to Dual-Wield Swordsman Skills.

Asuka's skills are classified into 5 groups: Sword Dance, Blinding Light, Sever Artery, Bless, and Ability. Sword Dance skills are high combo, high damage skills. Blinding Light skills are skills that provide mixture of short and long ranged attacks. Sever Artery skills are high damage, but usually slow attacks. Bless-typed skills are Asuka's buff and supportive skills. Last, but not least, Ability-type skills are passive abilities.


  • Free character


Official trailer:

루니아전기 이도류 검사 '아스카(Asuka)' 트레일러00:31

루니아전기 이도류 검사 '아스카(Asuka)' 트레일러


Asuka Lunia New Character! Duel sword Duel Wield ASUKA's PROFILE!! from dacylunia02:07

Asuka Lunia New Character! Duel sword Duel Wield ASUKA's PROFILE!! from dacylunia

Asuka play movie00:39

Asuka play movie


Asuka combos

See alsoEdit

Asuka Skill Guide:

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