Map Amuse Park

Luna Park

Stage-Select Name: Amuse Park
Map Name: Luna Park


  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Max Players: 40 (max party: 12)
  • Time to Complete: N/A


A side stage with no point. There're a few monster models walking in an invisible fenced area, like in a zoo. You can't interact with them, however. Posing with them is hard but not impossible.


Not a Stage, but a place just to have fun and mess around.

Stuff to doEdit

  • Take Screenshots.
    • Baphomet - one face slot
    • Thorny Cactus - four face slots
    • Pumpkin King Dumak - one face slot
    • Weird Cat Train - zero to eight face slots
    • Shark/Siren - one face slot
  • Hedge Maze
  • Game of Yes or No


  • Wolf
  • Explosive Ostrich
  • Raptor
  • Pang Pang
  • Mammoth
  • Red Baby Dragon
  • Blue Baby Dragon
  • Poku



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