Crafting, done at Magician Fayan's Magic Shop, is the process of acquiring items to make different items that can prove to be useful. It can turn into a profit, or a loss, so make sure you're careful and you know what you're doing before you do it! This guide is here to help you with that!

Magic Shop Icy

Magic Shop during winter

So far there are four things you can do with Crafting:

  1. Make higher level shining jewels
  2. Identify the unidentified crystals sometimes found in boss chests
  3. Make the much sought-after Restoration Stone
  4. Make potions.


A place you'll be visiting often will be the "Accessory Shop," which is North-West (on the 2D plane) from the fountain. It's near the equipment shop. Here you can buy all of the Craft books (recipes), except the one for the Stone of Restoration. They cost 20S each. You can also buy the "Fusion Accelerator" Potion here, which is required when crafting the unidentified stones.

Next, go to the magic shop, which is located East (on the 2D plane) or South-East (on the 3D plane) of the fountain. When you drag the Craft book/crystal into the Craft Item box at the top, a list of the required materials will appear below it. Once you have them all in your inventory, click the Confirm button. The materials will be consumed, and you'll hopefully get the item.

Warning: You can receive other items from the craft book instead of the item it is for, and crystals can fail (be destroyed).


Shining PowdersEdit

To make Dimly/Shining/Brightly/Cold Shining Jewels, we first need Shining Powders. These can be made from 3 different Craft Books, which each have different materials required. The materials required for each Shining Powder recipe must also be crafted, which require Soul Stones dropped from monsters. Unfortunately, many of the Soul Stones are not available... thus it isn't possible to obtain the materials to make any of the Shining Powder recipes. However, you can still have a chance of obtaining Shining Powder from the 100-year-old Cyrolite recipe, but only when it fails.

Then again, since a Mammoth's Soul Stone is an extremely rare item, you may just be better off obtaining Shining Jewels through other means.

Icon Name
Stone of Lava Stone of Lava
The Eye of Ocean The Eye of Ocean
Thunder Stone Thunder Stone
Essence of Deadly Poison Essence of Deadly Poison
One-Hundred-Year Cryolite One-Hundred-Year Cryolite
Light of Holy Spirit Light of Holy Spirit
Stone of West Wind Stone of West Wind
Cursed Stone Cursed Stone
Dirt of Prosperity Dirt of Prosperity
Shining Powder Shining Powder

    Shining Powder Craft Book I (available in Accessory Shop)
         1 Stone of Lava
         1 The Eye of Ocean
         1 Thunder Stone
         Lava Stone Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
              3 Baby Dragon's Soul Stone
              1 Ostrich's Soul Stone
              1 Cannon Tree's Soul Stone
              7 Mushroom's Soul Stone
         The Eye of Ocean Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
              3 Shamurloc's Soul Stone
              5 Slime's Soul Stone
              3 Pang Pang's Soul Stone
              1 Jungle Turtle's Soul Stone
         Thunder Stone Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
              5 Bear's Soul Stone
              2 Reaver's Soul Stone
              3 Jungle Gorilla Soul Stone
              2 Kute's Soul Stone

    Shining Powder Craft Book II (available in Accessory Shop)
         1 Essence of Deadly Poison
         1 One-Hundred-Year Cryolite
         1 Light of Holy Spirit
         Essence of Deadly Poison Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
              2 Snake's Soul Stone
              5 Spider's Soul Stone
              3 Scorpion's Soul Stone
              2 Jungle Slime's Soul Stone
         One-Hundred-Year Cryolite Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
              3 Snow Mong's Soul Stone
              5 Snowman's Soul Stone
              1 Mammoth's Soul Stone
              3 Ice Spirit's Soul Stone
Result: One-Hundred-Year Cryolite, Adamantium, Shining Powder Holy Spirit Light Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop) 5 Tree Spirit's Soul Stone 1 Sunflower's Soul Stone 3 Poku's Soul Stone 3 Deity Statue's Soul Stone

    Shining Powder Craft Book III (available in Accessory Shop)
         1 Stone of West Wind
         1 Cursed Stone
         1 Dirt of Prosperity
         Stone of West Wind Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
              3 Harpy Soul Stone
              2 Jungle Raptor's Soul Stone
              2 Cactus' Soul Stone
              5 Wolf's Soul Stone
         Craft Book for Cursed Stone (available in Accessory Shop)
              3 Pirate Ghost's Soul Stone
              2 Skeleton General's Soul Stone
              5 Skeleton's Soul Stone
              2 Evil Eye's Soul Stone
         Dirt of Prosperity Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
              5 Stone Spirit's Soul Stone
              3 Mud Monster's Soul Stone
              1 Jungle Wolf's Soul Stone
              3 Hyena's Soul Stone

Shining JewelsEdit

Now on to the Dimly/Shining/Brightly/Cold Shining Jewels. These simply require shining powder to make now, due to the new patch.

Icon Name Description
Dimly Shining Jewel Dimly Shining Jewel First fortification
Shining Jewel Shining Jewel Second fortification
Brightly Shining Jewel Brightly Shining Jewel Third fortification
Coldly Shining Jewel Cold Shining Jewel Fourth fortification

You can simply earn shining powders from stage rewards or boxes throughout episodes (Pirate Roger's Grave).

    Dimly Shining Jewel Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
         1 Shining Powder

    Shining Jewel Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
         2 Shining Powders
    Brightly Shining Jewel Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
         3 Shining Powders

    Cold Shining Jewel Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
         4 Shining Powders


As of now, there are 3 potions you can make.

Icon Name
Secret Remedy for Skin Fortification Secret Remedy for Skin Fortification
Secret Remedy of Intelligence Secret Remedy of Intelligence
Harpy Egg Omelet Harpy Egg Omelet

    Skin Fortification Potion Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
         5 Mountain Ginseng
         5 Mandrake
         5 Medicine Herb Pouch
Result: 5 x Secret Remedy for Skin Fortification (+100def, +10vit=+60maxHP, time: 5 min, reuse: 150s)
    Intelligence Potion Craft Book (available in Accessory Shop)
         5 Huckleberry
         5 Cactus Fruit
         5 Evil Eye's Wing
Result: 5 x Secret Remedy of Intelligence (+50maxMP, +10int=60maxMP, time: 5 min, reuse: 150s)
    Secret Recipe for Making Physical Strength Remedy (available in Accessory Shop)
         5 Gorilla Leather
         5 Baby Dragon's Breath
         4 Fire Plant
result: 5 x Secret Remedy for Boosting Physical Strength (+10Str, +10Dex, time: 5 min, reuse: 150s) ???
    Craft Book on Cooking Harpy Egg Omelet (reward of quest Splendid Food - Fried Harpy Egg,
NPC: Cobolt Merchant, map: Red Stone Fog Valley) 5 x Fried Harpy Egg (+219 HP, 21 lvl, reuse: 60 sec)
Result: 2(3?) x Harpy Egg Omelet (+15% max HP for 3 min, reuse: 3 min)

Magic Stone of RestorationEdit

The craft book for the Magic Stone of Restoration is unique in that it cannot be bought from a shop; rather, it is a rare reward from completing normal stages with Bonus Boxes other than the Episode Boss stage. 1

Chance to find the Magic Stone of Restoration Craft Book
History Episode 1 0.0000%
History Episode 2 0.1351%
History Episode 3 0.2703%
History Episode 4 0.4053%
History Episode 5 0.5408%
Legend Episode 1 0.2703%
Legend Episode 2 0.2703%
Legend Episode 3 0.2703%
Legend Episode 4 0.8106%
Legend Episode 5 0.8106%

Icon Name
Magic Stone of Restoration Craft Book Magic Stone of Restoration Craft Book
Magic Stone of Restoration Magic Stone of Restoration

   Magic Stone of Restoration Craft Book
         1 Cursed Stone 
         1 Stone of Lava 
         1 One-Hundred-Year-Cryolite 
         1 Dirt of Prosperity
         1 Thunder Stone
         1 Light of Holy Spirit
         1 The eye of Ocean
         1 Stone of West Wind
         1 Essence of Deadly Poison
         100 Fortification stones 
         100 Catalysts

Unidentified JewelsEdit

If you get an unidentified Jewel, you can identify it the same way you craft something. It usually becomes the jewel that the picture of the item depicts. The required Fusion accelerator is sold at the Accessory Shop.

Identify the unidentified crystals
Unidentified Crystals 1-10 (11C-20C) -> Zircon (25S)
Unidentified Crystals 11-20 (21C-30C) -> Blue Sapphire (40S)
Unidentified Crystals 21-30 (31C-40C) -> Amber (55S) (previous name: Pumpkin)
Unidentified Crystals 31-40 (41C-50C) -> Ruby (70S)
Unidentified Crystals 41-50 (51C-60C) -> Blck Crystal (Black Crystal?) (85S)
Unidentified Crystals 51-60 (61C-70C) -> Sapphire (1G)
Unidentified Crystals 61-70 (71C-80C) -> ToddMarin (Tourmaline?) (1G'15S)
Unidentified Crystals 71-80 (81C-90C) -> Emerald (1G'30S)
Unidentified Crystals 81-90 (91C-1S) -> Diamond (1G'45S)

Tradable: All items
Sell* = Price what shop will pay you for the item
Max in 1 slot: 50 (all items)

Icon Name Description Sell*
Amber Amber
(previous name: Pumpkin)
You can exchange Ambers on useful items at Cobolt in Hiding on the map Stone Wind Rock Hill (clothes from 16-18 lvl). Others functions: Rare Crystal (Reagent) 55S
Diamond Diamond Rare Crystal (Reagent) 1G'45S
Ruby Ruby Rare Crystal (Reagent) 70S
Sapphire Sapphire Rare Crystal (Reagent) 1G
Emerald Emerald Rare Crystal (Reagent) 1G'30S
ToddMarin ToddMarin
Rare Crystal (Reagent) 1G'15S
Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire Rare Crystal (Reagent) 40S
Zircon Zircon Rare Crystal (Reagent) 25S
Black Crystal Blck Crystal
(Black Crystal?)
Rare Crystal (Reagent) 85S

Player's GuidesEdit - Lord Galcian's upgrading guide, many recipe pics!

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