Aggro (AKA hate) is a gaming term used to describe how much a hostile Non-Player Character (NPC) wants to attack a certain Player Character (PC). It becomes more important as one reaches the upper echelons of difficulty, when it becomes nearly suicidal to do a stage without some degree of aggro control.

Lunia's aggro systemEdit

Lunia's aggro system is very standard as far as MMORPGs go. No one knows the exact specifics of how it all works, but playing the game itself lends a fair amount of insight into its mechanics. Compared to others, however, Lunia's aggro system is much less effective. It's not possible for a "tank" to hold aggro as well as in other games, as aggro can be drawn by another player with just a few hits. If one deals more than half of a mobs damage him/herself, the mob will, more than likely, stick to that person.

What will draw aggroEdit

Below are listed the many ways players can manipulate monster aggro in Lunia, in descending order of priority.

  • Provoke
  • Ice Wall
  • Damage
  • Healing targets of aggro
  • Presence in a monster's range

What will remove aggro (aggro dump)Edit

  • Hide
  • Expiration of any of the aggro causing skills.

How to use the aggro system to your advantageEdit

The Knight's Provoke skill, the bamboo created by Puppeteer's Pandano doll, and the Wizard's Ice Wall skill are designed in such a way that if a monster is affected by it, they will target the Knight (in the case of Provoke), the bamboo (in the case of Pandano), or the Ice Wall (in the case of the Ice Wall) unconditionally for as long as the skill lasts. This allows those not being subject to aggro to attack without fear of retribution, which is very advantageous to the party.

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